Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wandering Minds

Your mind is like a t.v. sometimes it gets stuck on one channel. You know the channel, where you get that voice constantly chattering about what you should have done, could have done, and putting you on guard to mistakes you are certainly going to make in the FUTURE. It's call depression to some but it hides under many aliases, anxiety, self doubt, low self esteem. I have no idea what in your brain trigger this debilitating self talk. I know from experience the voice in your head can keep you from falling asleep and make you believe you are going crazy. It stuns me how sometimes that self talk can immobilize you, and put your life on hold. It doesn't seem so scary though if you analyze it for what it is. It is (the voice) the sum total of all your life's past regrets and future fears recorded and played back to you. The good news is, rather the voices speak loudly or soft, every now and then or constant YOU are in control. Since it is all about your past YOU have to focus on the present. Separate what you are thinking from what you are doing in the present. Change the channel, get up and do something. Have you ever noticed the self talk that goes on in your head? How do you deal with it?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm guilty. I drive what my neighbors call that "kick ass" CLS 500 Mercedes. It is not quite what you would expect a middle age stay at home woman to tool around town in. What can I say it is my dream car. You can not imagine the shock and heart break that gripped me when I discovered someone had taken an iron something (crow bar, hammer) and smashed out my fog lights. Sadness crept over me as I thought how someone would take time out to render such a cowardice act. Soon fear over took me. A person hated me so much they wanted to destroy my car. How evil is that? How depraved could that person be? My husband warned "Watch your surroundings". Now the anxiety shook me like a roller coaster ride. The damage to the car paled in comparison to my fear and violation. "What God,what am I doing wrong"? I asked. Normally God doesn't answer me this quickly but apparently He recognized the urgency for the very next evening at mass the first words I read in the Gospel was "Fear no man". Then reading a friend of a friend's blog there was Isaiah 41:10 "Fear thou not; then came Philippians 4:6 "Be anxious for nothing; Today I sincerely prayed for the person that vandalized my car, prayed that God protect them from me, if I ever find out there identity. What do you do when you feel afraid? What un nerves you?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DREAMS...outdated or the new wave?

Does anyone ever dream anymore? I didn't realize how dreaming and making your dreams come true had become obsolete until.........Obama came on the scene. "The Audacity Of Hope" should have been titled "The Audacity To Dream" because that is what he did. He had a dream. If you went through the sixties and seventies then you were a part of the generation that believed in dreams. We dreamed of peace, love, equality, helping one another, protecting the environment and animals. What happened to all those dreams? Who or what woke us up? I am as guilty as anyone for killing the ability, the importance of dreaming. I told my daughter to save money, get as much education as possible, make contacts along the way, compete, compete, compete but never did I tell her to follow her dreams. Sadly, I never bothered to ask her what her dreams were. I would like to believe there is still time to make our dreams come true. The one's that mean the most at least. More importantly, it's time to teach our children about dreams and their importance especially now that one little boy grew up to make his come one day be the President of the best country on the planet. What were some of your dreams growing up? Did you make any come true? If not what made you give them up? Do you talk to your kids about their dreams? Do you think it is ever too late to make a dream come true?