Thursday, April 9, 2009


Lets get those tomatoes out. Make it a fun family project. If you've got kids get an extra just for them. Don't forget the men. Make it competitive and they're on board. It is so many lessons you can gleam from this project. "The family that farms together stays together," is one of our mottos. Mainly because you are too tired to go anywhere else. LOL Take the extra tomatoes and let the kids sell them. Keep the money in a jar and see how excited they are when the money began to grow. Sell them as a family and then decide on a "splurge" at the end of the summer. Granted you won't be able to do more than dinner or a movie but spending that garden earned money will have a different meaning. Earned tax free money, now there is a concept. You can also make some tomato baskets and gift them to an elderly relative or friend. Now that's a lesson in compassion. Later, I will post some tomato recipes and how to "can" your tomatoes. These also make great gifts or products to sell? Please spread my tomato blogs to as many friends, relatives, co-workers as possible and lets start a revolution in honor of our First Lady, our families, and our enviroment. Once your tomatoes are up email me pictures to and I'll post them along with your thoughts like a journal. Also email me your names so I can add you to our "Victory Garden" farmers list.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Victory Garden

Who's hungry? Well prove it. Lets get started on our gardens. That's right if Michelle can do it on the White House lawn so can we. You should have your ground turned over, fertilized and ready. The Easter cold snap is the first of this week so within the next ten days you should have some seeds in the ground. Read the directions on the back of packet. Make sure you have the seeds spaced out right. Now for those that thought you didn't have room for a garden I have purchased two items that I am trying here at my house & will keep you up on the progress.
Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter I purchased it at Walgreens $9.99. Grows juicy tomatoes all Season Long according to instructions. Hangs on deck, patio, or balcony. Eliminates weeding, caging and staking. Organic too! (1). Put the plant in the bottom (2). Put soil in the bag (3). And water in the top.
Hanging Basket Grow Kit I purchased at Dollar General $8.50. It comes with hanging basket, moss, tomato seed packet, potting soil. Basically you add 5 cups of water to the moss (which will line the basket) Add 2 cups of water to the soil. Puncture empty bag and place on top of moss then cover with the moist soil. Spread half of the seeds then cover with i cup of soil. Use remainder of seeds in another container or in the ground.
Garden Shepherd Hook I purchased at Dollar General $8. I am going to hang each Planter from my Hooks. Did I mention my husband will kill me when he sees these items in our yard? Let me know how and what you are doing in your gardens so I can share it with the others. This is how we learn and have fun. Feel free to run out and purchase any of these items. Two Hanging baskets and two Shepherd hooks = about $35.00. Having fresh organic tomatoes all summer...PRICELESS! What's in your garden?