Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to meeee.....devil horns! What did you think I was a saint?

*Warning: This post contains sexual references, brief nudity and strong language.*
The stroll down 5th Ave. is a fantasy beyond anything you could dream up. This is when it happened. I turned a corner and there he was right in front of me. He is the type that commands, no demands reverence. Eyes lowered I genuflected in the midst of a sea of people that I no longer knew were there. I stood face to face with St. John. No not the deity, the designer. I heard a voice yelling from inside me, "idol worshipper, blasphemer." I couldn't help myself, I was in the fits of lust.
St. John was an old love I had known passionately in my mid twenties. St. John like the devil knew what turned you on. He gave you your deepest female desire. You looked flawless as he draped seamlessly around your body. I caught my reflection in the window and saw the blush upon my cheeks. The desire over came me like a hot flash. In one quick motion I was in the store. I had bitten the forbidden fruit of lust. Forget about the "Christmas Secret" post Debra was getting lucky today.
I walked through those doors with dilated pupils straight for the black and white knit with threads of silver running through it. $1,700 I calculated as I eased the jacket from the rack. Mmmm $1,750 I saw the price as I held the jacket up. A wicked smile crossed my lips. Girl , you know your man even after all this time. As I grabbed the $1,600 skirt the sales lady asked if madam wanted to try it on? Is the pope catholic? In a flash she had taken the size 4 trinkets and exchanged them for the 2. Yes, she is right. Even if you wore a 12, in a St. John you would wear a 2. Didn't I tell you. He knows your deepest female desires and makes them come true.
In that dressing room stripped naked (who needs underwear in a St. John suit?) that jacket buttoned across my breasts like it was a second skin. The skirt, the skirt on the other hand didn't! What is this!!! What has happened I thought as I adjusted and readjusted it on my butt.
Alas my ass over the years drooped to the back of my knees. Somethings even St. John can't fix. Oh well, I am pleased with myself as I waltz over to the four way mirror. I sucked in my breath and nearly choked. For a split second I saw her. The twenty four year old Debra in one of the mirros. I wanted to call my husband to see her but I sent him off in a different direction. Who brings their husband for a rendezvous with a lover. Especially an expensive rendezvous, wink wink. You know what I mean ladies, don't be coy with me.
Parting is such sweet sorrow and time came to abandon fantasies better suited for young career women. I was happy to be revived by the cold air outside of the store. Perfect timing. My husband and I met up at the corner just as I stepped out of Bloomingdale's. "What did you buy?" he asked eyeing the new bag. I let him peek at the classic black constructed boucle' jacket I paid $150 for. Nice he mused. Nothing says St. John's like boucle' I smirked and closed the bag.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to meee ...Angels in the guise of Mr. Miguel Hernandez transportation director for Park Central Hotel and the Hotel's director Mr. Denis. In the late summer I emailed Mr. Hernandez to ask the cost of being picked up from LaGuardia and hiring a car to get around during my stay. Miguel and I connected and when I explained to him it was my first trip to N.Y. and I saw how bad things happen to people in the episodes of CSI N.Y. he pledged to look out for me.
I told my husband Miguel said he would not fail to get us from the airport on time, he would come himself and would be holding a sign that read "Welcome to New York Mrs. Debra Johnson," and that he gave me his cell phone number. Rolling his eyes my husband asked did I give him our credit card number. Noooo (I rebuked his sarcasm) Miguel said whenever I needed a car he would come for me. I got one of those "Oh brother" looks for being so trustworthy.
As soon as we got to our bags there was Miguel just as he promised holding that sign. He and I hugged like old friends, husband just scratched his head in disbelief.
Miguel says he had a big surprise for me. As we were riding towards the hotel in a sleek black Escalade he hands me two envelopes. One had the keys to our room (upgraded to a suite) the other had vouchers for complimentary breakfast the entire stay.
Miguel spoke to the Park Central hotel director Mr. Denis and told him that I was a writer here for the first time and celebrating my 33rd anniversary from Texas and I got upgraded to a suite!!! When we got to the hotel Miguel says not to worry about the bags just go up to the room and relax. From my bed I could see Times Square, the people, the lights, and the ball that will be dropping in a few weeks to welcome in the New Year. From the bedroom double doors opened out unto a terrace with two chairs where I could sit on top of the world. My husband has not been the same man since. I'll admit I too was stunned. Later that day I met Mr. Denis and thanked him for such a lavish upgrade. From that point on whenever Mr. Denis saw me roaming around the lobby he would come out from his desk and make sure everything was fine.
*The moral is...there are still good honest people in this world and God is in control.....of not just the angels in heaven but the ones that are earning their wings down here.
My Christmas present to you is, if you are going toNew York call 212-707-5175 and ask for Mr. Denis. Tell him Debra Johnson from Texas recommended you and he will give you a super rate or who knows an upgrade. Email and mention me for a discounted limo ride from the airport or where ever else you need to go.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to meeeeee NEW YORK! She embraced me like I was a long lost sister that finally found her way home. NEW YORK loved me and I reciprocated.
From the moment I danced once around the revolving doors of the Park Central Hotel and came out on the street side and into the rhythm of thousands of bodies going about their daily lives I connected.
How could you not connect? New York after all is where the world meet. It is the sole experience of all things sensory. The convergence of sight, sounds, smells, and touch that rush into your body and jolt you awake from the ordinary complacency of a life you never knew you weren't living.
I learned that different experiences and interactions with diverse people is what enrich our lives the most. On this day I know I am such a tiny bit of matter and the world is so big but I believe that it is possible to travel and broaden your horizon if you really want to. And it should be important that you want to.
Each day from now until Christmas I will share with you something about New York and how it affected me. Blogging every day is a definite labor of love but a way of sharing my journey with you. Won't you join me? There will be shopping, celebrities, landmarks, and me in some less than flattering moments. Who knew? LOL

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Christmas Secret

Shhh ...I'm going to tell you a secret. We don't shop for Christmas. As a family we (ok I) decided to wean ourselves from the Christmas shopping ritual of adding stuff to a house running over with stuff three years ago. It was not an easy endeavor. The first year of telling our friends and family that we were not exchanging gifts was hard. Not as hard as realizing that we weren't getting anything from each other. Oh the anxiety of waking up to an empty Christmas tree was nerve wrecking. As soon as January came we ran out and bought everything we would have bought for Christmas only things were truly marked down and we could buy more of it (stuff).
The second year we decided to only purchase gifts that improve your mind, body or health. Hey not bad. Gift certificates for massages, pedicures, books, classes and reviving family board games during the holidays replaced buying stuff.
Last year we adopted a family for Christmas and sent cooked "Greenburg" turkeys to some stressed out friends. We longingly looked at the twinkling , almost bare bottom tree, sipping cider, talking about Christmases past and just enjoyed Christmas morning. It was peaceful. Perfect.
Patti LaBelle says it best. "It's not about the gifts you're giving. It's all about the life you're living. It's all about His love. Don't let the advertisements fool you, don't let the commercials over rule you. Jesus is the reason for the season."
How are you spending (literally) spending your Christmas? Do you wish Christmas could be celebrated in a more simple way without the emphasis on purchasing something? Do you feel there is only so much stuff you can buy in a lifetime until it all becomes just that...stuff?
OR do you think I am just a heartless old grinch?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Susan Boyle Parable Worth Repeating

Fat, skinny, black, brown, poor, uneducated, republican, liberal, religious, wiccan, homosexual, christian, jewish,scholarly. These are just some of the labels that affect how we view each other. Fortunately we are NOT our labels. We are complicated and diverse human beings each with our own unique gifts. So is the case of Susan Boyle the singing sensation that everyone prejudged to be the butt of a joke. It makes me want to cry watching the audience and judges reaction to her before she sang. Susan Boyle indicated that since her instant fame maybe she wouldn't be "lonely" anymore. Obviously shunned her entire life for not fitting the stereotypical standards of model good looks, people ignored her, deemed her unworthy of friendship. An 11 year old boy hung himself in April of this year. He was gentle, passive, and peace loving which his peers equated with looking and acting gay. United Airlines is charging heavy people twice the fair of thin passengers. There is a parable in all this. When Jesus come again and He does not have blue eyes or blond hair... if Jesus is over weight....if His clothes are not the latest styles...if He acts lovingly and tenderly and is will we treat Him?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Makes You Happy?

In a previous post dated July 1, 2009 I proclaimed, "escapism is the new racism." I theorized that most people exhibiting prejudice behavior or racist acts try to escape from whatever is causing them unhappiness in their lives by transferring blame to someone else. The escapist rationalize that their being born to a specific race gives them superiority over another human being. This way of thinking and behaving momentarily makes them happy and feel satisfied.
This got me wondering why are so many people unhappy? Maybe it is because they don't know what makes them happy. Let's be real first. We are not happy 100% of the time. Everyone has moments of unhappiness. Bouts of sadness and feelings of despair happens. I believe it to be our nature not to be happy all the time. Happiness should always be a goal to reach, something to strive for. It does not come automatically. So we are back to where we started. What makes a person happy?
For me it all boils down to knowing my purpose in life. My passion. The thing that drives me. Yes all the obvious things make me happy like God, family, friends etc; My outward happiness starts first from the inner peace and satisfaction I feel from the very core of my existance. If this is true then when a person is unhappy on the inside that unhappiness radiates towards others on the outside as well. Thus my point about projecting your unhappiness unto others and using them as a scapegoat.
When I am writing or speaking I feel the communion of God, intellect, heart and spirituality springing forth from the depths of my soul. It gushes out of me like a well spring of life. It pleases me immensely, and I am filled with joy and happiness. I write and lecture for myself but humbly hope that someone will be moved and touched in a positive way from what I have said or written. I want to please and make others happy.
So I want you to ponder today your purpose driven life. Are you happy from the inside out and if not why? What makes YOU happy? A small hint: It has nothing to do with money or things. Can you see the connection between your happiness and making others happy? Do you understand how degrading other people is an indication that your life is not in balance and you are not happy? Can you find find happiness and change bad behavior? Yes you can!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodbye Summer Hello Fall

Thanks to my Victory Gardeners we reaped what we
sowed and had a really good time. We learned a lot
about planting, eating healthy and setting good

My neighbors and I have a wonderful end of summer tradition. We have a backyard goat bar-b-q and everyone brings an exotic side dish from their native land. From Ghana to Egypt, from the Phillipines to Texas and all points in between we are about as diverse as it gets.

We love sharing the fruits of our harvest and our uniqueness. I swear you feel the breath of God when we come together like this. It is how it was meant to be.
On my side bar to the right you will find a chart that list seasons veggies and fruits can grow in according to state. Just pull down Texas and take a look at things you can still plant. After all there is a Fall garden. So until next spring...why hate when you can celebrate!

Friday, July 3, 2009


An Evangelist traveled to Russia with the intentions of giving out 500 bibles. The night before the event someone stole all the bibles. The preacher showed up the next morning with only his personal bible. People stood in line for hours anyway, just to touch the bible. For many it was their first time seeing a bible.

One gentleman went home and brought back his camera. He photographed as many pages of the bible that he could. I am ashamed to say I have taken the bible for granted. I pull it out to read a specific subject pertaining to a question I have then put it up. How could I have taken such a precious book for granted?

Starting in January this year I committed myself to reading the bible. I'm about halfway through. I read the Old and New Testament. What a wonderful country we live in. Freedom of religion is one of the most important rights we have. To be able to read His word and worship is an extraordinary gift.

God bless America, the troops that fight to keep us free, our leaders, and each other. Have a safe and joyful 4th of July!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Meet Lillian Copeland. This wonderful friend and neighbor and I have lots in coming. Her and her handsome hubby Larry have the most beautiful backyard/patio bar none. It is an oasis. I love this woman because she had the tenacity to finish her degree at a mature age. She is also from the same community as my husband and they were school mates. She, her husband and myself retired from the same company.

Lillian gifted me with wonderful tomatoes and basil. So what did I do with Lillian's gift? Created a meal in less than ten minutes.

Mahi Mahi

Pre heat oven to 400
Wash fish and sprinkle with seasoning (Louisiana Cajun Seasoning No Salt)
Added Lillian's basil
Sprinkle fish with lemon juice
Melt butter in pan
When butter sizzles add fish

Brown for 5 mins. on both sides

Toss salad
Added Lillian's tomatoes & basil
Olive oil (extra virgin) vinaigrette (WishBone)
Add corn on the cobb or some other steam veggies if desired.

Eat as much as you want....and lose as much weight as you want!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Nothing says fear like getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere without a cell phone signal. So there I was coming from a weekend with friends at a lodge outside of Crockett, 9 miles from Corrigan on State Hwy 287. I pulled over when I heard the dastardly sound and checked the tires. The front two tires were brand new. All the tires looked good, so I drove slowly at first back on the highway then got up past 40 when I heard the clop clop clop of what sounded like a flat tire.

On my back under the car (wouldn't you know I was wearing a sun-dress that flew up around my neck by the wind of a passing 18 wheeler), I thought something was stuck under the car. No such luck. My husband was in another state playing golf for the weekend. Everyone I could think of was out of town. Back in the car I decided to keep going slowly on the shoulder. Every time I drove pass 40 I got the flat tire sound.

Push the panic button in the car, call someone, pull over and flag someone down, what should I do? I finally composed myself and prayed to the blessed mother by saying 3 Hail Mary's. Within 5 minutes I saw a busy intersection in the distance and looked at the clock on my dashboard. It read 4:45. I also saw a kid in his early 20's walking on the side of the road coming from the busy

I pulled up beside him, lowered my window and asked if he knew of a place where I could get a flat fixed? He knew of a place (that didn't have a name or a sign) but he couldn't explain how to get to it. I asked him did he have time to show me. Away the kid and I drove at 4:55. He was right I never would have found the place.

It was closing time but the boss agreed to help me. The tires were solid. "Brand new," is how my tires were described. Surrounded by a half a dozen men with smirks on their faces was not a good feeling. Back on the highway with one of the mechanics sitting on the passenger's side I accelerated past 40. Clop clop clop clop the loud sound panicked my passenger. "Pull over," he yelled.

Back at the shop, the boss drilled in two screws to hold a piece of plastic in place that had loosened under the front end of my car. Five dollars was all he charged for his troubles. I gave him $20 and asked where the young man was that brought me to the shop. He had to leave and start back home I was told. I whipped the car around and headed back in the direction I had met the young guy. I passed him, and had to go to the next block and turn around. Before he could refuse the $20 I put in his hand, I said "God bless you," and sped away.

Meeting honest people that didn't mind helping, $20. Rewarding a young person for their compassion, $20. Having Mary, the Mother of Jesus, watching over me.....priceless!

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Feel free to say this prayer whenever you feel a need. It is not a Catholic thing, it is a faith thing. May the Blessed Mother watch and protect over everyone reading my blog.

Monday, June 15, 2009


This is a commercial interruption to say a word about my small but mighty "Victory Gardeners." Meet Mrs. Gracelyn Miller, Beaumont socialite, friend and now tomato gardener. We had a great lunch together last week and I got a chance to see her beautiful doll house. It's the kind of house you got your doll as a child but secretly wanted to live in it yourself. Well Gracelyn lives in hers along with her husband Russel (Crowe) Miller. Yeagh he's that hot! Lucky Gracelyn has the house, the man and now the tomatoes.

This isn't to be taken lightly. I have named myself the "black thumb" of death. I have killed so many tomato plants, any day I expect to see my picture hanging in the Post Office. Worst part is I have not one tomato to show for all my killings. The Topsy Turvey whose bush was sticking straight up to high heaven is now pointing downwards. Woe is me. I have shamed my name and reputation.

However, Jessica Ferguson and Mz. Angie & Audie & Sandra Rameriz have a bumper crop. So have Mr. Tingan. Actually I'm the only one that have not gotten one tomatoe. Thanks to the John Roberts family for bringing me tomatoes and cucumbers. More pictures and success stories later. Happy Gardening!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Have you ever asked a friend to be a go between, in letting a special person know that you were interested in them? We parents often ask our adult friends to intercede in speaking with a child, to help drive a point home. Many instances throughout life we have relied on others with clout, experience or knowledge to intervene in matters we could not speak directly to a person about.

Is it too far fetched to believe that in the world of deities that we too can pray to a spiritual existence (saint) to put in a word with the Master on our behalf? There is no closer bond than that of a mother and child. So it is with Mary and her son Jesus. The first miracle Jesus performed was at the request of His mother. (John 2:1-11). He turned water into wine at the wedding at Cana.

Of course we can turn to Jesus ourselves as Mary did in this situation. Mary however is special. She is the mother of Jesus and what son could deny His mother anything; Secondly, Mary is the first and most perfect disciple because she always said yes to God. Mary was obedient to God and always did His will, no questions asked. Who better to have God's ear or Jesus heart.

When Jesus hung on the cross, He told his disciple, "Here is your mother." (John 19:26-27). It is believed that Jesus at that moment commissioned Mary to be not only the mother of His Church but to serve as our caregiver, our mother. It is part of God's perfect plan that we not only help one another by our prayers and good deeds but that we have an ally in Mary to assist us. Mary intercedes for us with Christ, the same way she interceded for the couple at the wedding in Cana. do I pray for intercession to Mary? Do I have to be Catholic? How do I show thanksgiving to Mary after prayers have been answered?

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Lets get those tomatoes out. Make it a fun family project. If you've got kids get an extra just for them. Don't forget the men. Make it competitive and they're on board. It is so many lessons you can gleam from this project. "The family that farms together stays together," is one of our mottos. Mainly because you are too tired to go anywhere else. LOL Take the extra tomatoes and let the kids sell them. Keep the money in a jar and see how excited they are when the money began to grow. Sell them as a family and then decide on a "splurge" at the end of the summer. Granted you won't be able to do more than dinner or a movie but spending that garden earned money will have a different meaning. Earned tax free money, now there is a concept. You can also make some tomato baskets and gift them to an elderly relative or friend. Now that's a lesson in compassion. Later, I will post some tomato recipes and how to "can" your tomatoes. These also make great gifts or products to sell? Please spread my tomato blogs to as many friends, relatives, co-workers as possible and lets start a revolution in honor of our First Lady, our families, and our enviroment. Once your tomatoes are up email me pictures to and I'll post them along with your thoughts like a journal. Also email me your names so I can add you to our "Victory Garden" farmers list.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Victory Garden

Who's hungry? Well prove it. Lets get started on our gardens. That's right if Michelle can do it on the White House lawn so can we. You should have your ground turned over, fertilized and ready. The Easter cold snap is the first of this week so within the next ten days you should have some seeds in the ground. Read the directions on the back of packet. Make sure you have the seeds spaced out right. Now for those that thought you didn't have room for a garden I have purchased two items that I am trying here at my house & will keep you up on the progress.
Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter I purchased it at Walgreens $9.99. Grows juicy tomatoes all Season Long according to instructions. Hangs on deck, patio, or balcony. Eliminates weeding, caging and staking. Organic too! (1). Put the plant in the bottom (2). Put soil in the bag (3). And water in the top.
Hanging Basket Grow Kit I purchased at Dollar General $8.50. It comes with hanging basket, moss, tomato seed packet, potting soil. Basically you add 5 cups of water to the moss (which will line the basket) Add 2 cups of water to the soil. Puncture empty bag and place on top of moss then cover with the moist soil. Spread half of the seeds then cover with i cup of soil. Use remainder of seeds in another container or in the ground.
Garden Shepherd Hook I purchased at Dollar General $8. I am going to hang each Planter from my Hooks. Did I mention my husband will kill me when he sees these items in our yard? Let me know how and what you are doing in your gardens so I can share it with the others. This is how we learn and have fun. Feel free to run out and purchase any of these items. Two Hanging baskets and two Shepherd hooks = about $35.00. Having fresh organic tomatoes all summer...PRICELESS! What's in your garden?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Validate Day

It's wonderful to have someone to share Valentine's with but it is healing to spend that time selfishly indulging yourself. As a shift worker's wife I may or may not have a Valentine's date but I learned a very long time ago you should never rely on someone else to validate YOU! I often joke that if anything happens to my husband I would be very content to "date myself." I really enjoy my own company and I invite you to do the same, enjoy your "self."It doesn't take an occasion like Valentine's or the company of another for me to bring out my favorite Egyptian cotton sheets. I lavish in my jacuzzi tub listening to the new CD by Seal that have all the "Soul" ballads that transport me back to a youthful, wistful time. I light a candle bedside and take a few minutes to praise God for not just my blessings but my sufferings as well. Then I might sip a little wine or hot tea. I put the sleep timer on as I snuggle deeply into my pillow to watch my all time favorite movie "Bridges of Madison County." Ahhhhh heaven. Hey! It's not too late. Where Valentine's is just one day a year Validate Day is 365 days a year just pick a day.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


My theme for this past holiday season was to be a blessing to someone. I had no expectations. I announced early I wouldn't be exchanging gifts this year. I failed to say it would be a one way street. I would give but didn't want to be a recipient. Well guess what? One by one neighbors and friends came bearing gifts to me. I thought once you told someone they were not getting anything from you well....I didn't expect that kind of blessing coming back to me. Since the new year started I have received several surprise windfalls ranging from $500 to a couple of thousand dollars. It is the secret my grandmother told me about when I was a little girl. "The more you give, the more will be given back," she would not only say it but she lived her life like that. I paid for a Philosophy class this semester with my windfall, and bought a pair of cashmere gloves. And so it starts again the cycle of giving. I got a call from the church, would I donate a sheet cake for our parish party? So now I am passing the secret on to you and I want you to keep passing it on. To be blessed you have to be a blessing to someone else. This is going to be a great year, I can feel it.