Sunday, June 28, 2009


Meet Lillian Copeland. This wonderful friend and neighbor and I have lots in coming. Her and her handsome hubby Larry have the most beautiful backyard/patio bar none. It is an oasis. I love this woman because she had the tenacity to finish her degree at a mature age. She is also from the same community as my husband and they were school mates. She, her husband and myself retired from the same company.

Lillian gifted me with wonderful tomatoes and basil. So what did I do with Lillian's gift? Created a meal in less than ten minutes.

Mahi Mahi

Pre heat oven to 400
Wash fish and sprinkle with seasoning (Louisiana Cajun Seasoning No Salt)
Added Lillian's basil
Sprinkle fish with lemon juice
Melt butter in pan
When butter sizzles add fish

Brown for 5 mins. on both sides

Toss salad
Added Lillian's tomatoes & basil
Olive oil (extra virgin) vinaigrette (WishBone)
Add corn on the cobb or some other steam veggies if desired.

Eat as much as you want....and lose as much weight as you want!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Nothing says fear like getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere without a cell phone signal. So there I was coming from a weekend with friends at a lodge outside of Crockett, 9 miles from Corrigan on State Hwy 287. I pulled over when I heard the dastardly sound and checked the tires. The front two tires were brand new. All the tires looked good, so I drove slowly at first back on the highway then got up past 40 when I heard the clop clop clop of what sounded like a flat tire.

On my back under the car (wouldn't you know I was wearing a sun-dress that flew up around my neck by the wind of a passing 18 wheeler), I thought something was stuck under the car. No such luck. My husband was in another state playing golf for the weekend. Everyone I could think of was out of town. Back in the car I decided to keep going slowly on the shoulder. Every time I drove pass 40 I got the flat tire sound.

Push the panic button in the car, call someone, pull over and flag someone down, what should I do? I finally composed myself and prayed to the blessed mother by saying 3 Hail Mary's. Within 5 minutes I saw a busy intersection in the distance and looked at the clock on my dashboard. It read 4:45. I also saw a kid in his early 20's walking on the side of the road coming from the busy

I pulled up beside him, lowered my window and asked if he knew of a place where I could get a flat fixed? He knew of a place (that didn't have a name or a sign) but he couldn't explain how to get to it. I asked him did he have time to show me. Away the kid and I drove at 4:55. He was right I never would have found the place.

It was closing time but the boss agreed to help me. The tires were solid. "Brand new," is how my tires were described. Surrounded by a half a dozen men with smirks on their faces was not a good feeling. Back on the highway with one of the mechanics sitting on the passenger's side I accelerated past 40. Clop clop clop clop the loud sound panicked my passenger. "Pull over," he yelled.

Back at the shop, the boss drilled in two screws to hold a piece of plastic in place that had loosened under the front end of my car. Five dollars was all he charged for his troubles. I gave him $20 and asked where the young man was that brought me to the shop. He had to leave and start back home I was told. I whipped the car around and headed back in the direction I had met the young guy. I passed him, and had to go to the next block and turn around. Before he could refuse the $20 I put in his hand, I said "God bless you," and sped away.

Meeting honest people that didn't mind helping, $20. Rewarding a young person for their compassion, $20. Having Mary, the Mother of Jesus, watching over me.....priceless!

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Feel free to say this prayer whenever you feel a need. It is not a Catholic thing, it is a faith thing. May the Blessed Mother watch and protect over everyone reading my blog.

Monday, June 15, 2009


This is a commercial interruption to say a word about my small but mighty "Victory Gardeners." Meet Mrs. Gracelyn Miller, Beaumont socialite, friend and now tomato gardener. We had a great lunch together last week and I got a chance to see her beautiful doll house. It's the kind of house you got your doll as a child but secretly wanted to live in it yourself. Well Gracelyn lives in hers along with her husband Russel (Crowe) Miller. Yeagh he's that hot! Lucky Gracelyn has the house, the man and now the tomatoes.

This isn't to be taken lightly. I have named myself the "black thumb" of death. I have killed so many tomato plants, any day I expect to see my picture hanging in the Post Office. Worst part is I have not one tomato to show for all my killings. The Topsy Turvey whose bush was sticking straight up to high heaven is now pointing downwards. Woe is me. I have shamed my name and reputation.

However, Jessica Ferguson and Mz. Angie & Audie & Sandra Rameriz have a bumper crop. So have Mr. Tingan. Actually I'm the only one that have not gotten one tomatoe. Thanks to the John Roberts family for bringing me tomatoes and cucumbers. More pictures and success stories later. Happy Gardening!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Have you ever asked a friend to be a go between, in letting a special person know that you were interested in them? We parents often ask our adult friends to intercede in speaking with a child, to help drive a point home. Many instances throughout life we have relied on others with clout, experience or knowledge to intervene in matters we could not speak directly to a person about.

Is it too far fetched to believe that in the world of deities that we too can pray to a spiritual existence (saint) to put in a word with the Master on our behalf? There is no closer bond than that of a mother and child. So it is with Mary and her son Jesus. The first miracle Jesus performed was at the request of His mother. (John 2:1-11). He turned water into wine at the wedding at Cana.

Of course we can turn to Jesus ourselves as Mary did in this situation. Mary however is special. She is the mother of Jesus and what son could deny His mother anything; Secondly, Mary is the first and most perfect disciple because she always said yes to God. Mary was obedient to God and always did His will, no questions asked. Who better to have God's ear or Jesus heart.

When Jesus hung on the cross, He told his disciple, "Here is your mother." (John 19:26-27). It is believed that Jesus at that moment commissioned Mary to be not only the mother of His Church but to serve as our caregiver, our mother. It is part of God's perfect plan that we not only help one another by our prayers and good deeds but that we have an ally in Mary to assist us. Mary intercedes for us with Christ, the same way she interceded for the couple at the wedding in Cana. do I pray for intercession to Mary? Do I have to be Catholic? How do I show thanksgiving to Mary after prayers have been answered?