Saturday, January 9, 2010

10 Reasons I Love New York. David Letterman

Happy New Year to you all and sorry for the delayed posts, but I'm baaaak! Now let's continue our trip to New York.
Here I am waiting to go in the Ed Sullivan theater to see Dave, the CBS orchestra, Paul, and the guy with the red hair and the voice!
I made lots of friends standing in the cold waiting to be prompted on what to do & NOT to do as a part of the studio audience.

Did you think those people were laughing at Dave's jokes that loud on their own?
I met a single lady from Austin who was a cut up like me along with a cute couple from the Carolina's and we just screamed and hollered and partied like we were old friends. AND this was before they let us in the studio.
I sat in the third row center and at times I was so close I wanted to just join him on stage. Dave is thin, really thin and Paul Schaffer is short really short, and that red hair Coulter guy's voice is deep, really deep and he was hot really hot.

The guest was none other than Barbara (Wa Wa) Walters! She is so tiny and fragile but her head is big, really big. I admire her so much! What a legend. The guest band was "Mos Def." He is a rapper, and I didn't know his music but he made a really good movie with Bruce Willis and I liked him in it. Quite the actor.

Did you think I would go all the way to New York and not pay a visit to RUPERT at the Hello Deli. Dave did lots of skits here and I always thought Rupert was a stand up guy. So un assuming over his star status and down to earth. I was on the money. Rupert is one of the nicest guys. We chatted, gossiped, and basically solved the world's problems in about an hour and a half. I had the David Letterman sandwich which was so good I bought one to go. Rupert told me to be safe and visit him again the next time I was in town. Awwwwww. This is why I love N.Y. Want to know how I got tickets to the show? A story in itself I assure you. Ask in the comment section and I'll give you every detail so you too can follow in my footsteps.

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