Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Fear of Sailing

A new study says that we add two years to our life by staying off the couch. Moving is good! Can you imagine how many brain cells we save when we keep challenging ourselves with new adventures?

The author John A. Shedd said, "A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."

Trying something new is scary but also exhilarating. Fear and excitement accompany every new adventure but in the end the excitement of trying something new overpowers the fear.

So don't let your ship stay in the harbor too long. Expand your writing. Try new genres. Tie your writing into something else you love. If you like cooking, write a cookbook. Love to eat out, query your local newspaper about writing restaurant reviews. If shopping is your thing, blog one day a week about specials you find.

Have a passion? Tell me how it may compliment your writing or lead you on a totally new venture. Mmmmm, got you going now.


  1. debra: a great post and fantastic advice.
    especially like the idea of writing a book
    about a passion of mine.

  2. Sage advice - great post, Debra.

    I write about my passions over at Pearson Report as a way to stretch my creative writing. Given the variety of topic I cover it is constantly keeping me on my toes.

    Nice reconnecting with you - thanks for stopping by PEARSON REPORT.

    Let's stay in touch, Jenny

  3. You are right, we should aim to expand our territories. Though sometimes not that easy but we really have to take the challenge and the long run we will be glad we did!

  4. Thank you lovely Debra for a wonderful post!!! Yes, ships were built to sail and not be tied up!! Yay! Love that!!

    Take care

  5. You are so right. It's good to challenge yourself and learn new things.

  6. I try to push myself to try things I'm scared of all the time. I'm giving two presentations in the next two months, possibly attending my first ever fan con, submitting short stories and poetry, etc. I even make myself touch snakes when presented with the opportunity, despite that being a full-blown phobia. I'm sort of rocking the fear sector at the moment.

  7. Debra, great to be here after quite a while. This is a great reminder of how we let fear rule the roost. I;ve wanted to expand my writing for some time and know that I now need to 'step out of the boat'! Have a blessed week.... Amanda

  8. Whenever I hear that quote I'm inspired for a long while afterwards.

  9. I have many interests, but not enough time to nurture them all. :) Sooo... I try to stick with a couple - like writing, reading, and horseback riding. Learning to speak Spanish is on my list; I hope to get to it soon.

    I like the quote you have here.

  10. Great advice. BTW, our writing group (1st Writes) is trying something new. We are each writing a devotion to include in an Advent Devotion Booklet to give out to the congregation. It has stirred up a lot of excitement and the members are trying something new.

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  12. Thanks for following, Debra. I'm happy to follow you back. You have a lovely blog. I especially enjoyed reading about that sailing ship. So true. So true.

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