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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blog or Write...which is right?

I've found out that it is hard to keep up with writing assignments and blog (also visit blogs) at the same time. I'm greedy I want to do both. I know the answer to my dilemma is easy. Set a schedule, stick to it and do both.

So here I go. I promise to write every day and blog once a week. Hey that was easy. Now that I've said it publicly I must stick with it.

If I don't I want my blogosphere friends so really let me have it.

Have you found that both blogging and writing are the same but different? Do they both fill your inner writing void but the satisfaction you receive from each is also different. If you could only do one which would it be? Blog or Write ...which seems right?


  1. I love both. I don't think blogging takes that much time. The A to Z Challenge was so easy for me but then I have a dealine mindset. Devoting time to visiting everyone else's blogs is tremendous. I didn't get to visit everyone on the A to Z Challenge and there were some I wanted to continue to read on a daily basis. I tried to make notes so I could go back to them... but now I wonder where my notes are. :) I would hate to have to make a choice between blogging and writing. Blogging gets me revved up to attack my book with gusto.

  2. Jess you are just the kind of person to get everything done in a timely manner. You remain my ultimate writing heroine.

  3. While you ARE a writer, I merely blog and I find it difficult to keep up with that!!! However...I am old...LOL!...:)JP

  4. Hello Debra! Think I'm a bit of a cheater because my blog is my daily writing practice- a schedule is a good thing always :-)

  5. Well I don't consider myself a writer so I like to think of myself as just a blogger. But I do find keeping up with blogging is a challenge. Sometimes I feel pressured to keep a consistent blogging schedule.

  6. A quiet Corner- News flash! I too am old and glad I'm not alone
    Lily-Not cheating, I say smart move
    Wanda- I don't want to feel pressured to blog. It's me release. Of
    course I only do it once a week.

  7. I like doing both, but I find if I have deadlines, I have to cut back on the blogging. Writing the posts isn't too time-consuming. It's the responding and visiting other blogs. But I like to do that and build relationships with people, so I'll always make time to do it, no matter I busy I am with my other writing projects.

  8. I think you've made a wise choice. I need to pull back some I know, but so far I've been having a difficult time doing so. Good luck with your efforts.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  9. I am beginning to think I work better with a deadline, I want to do it all, and now, have to be more selective and practical with my time. Looking forward to following your efforts. Blessings for the weekend, Amanda

    By the way I've tagged you in a post, if you have time to play along great! no pressure though