Wednesday, August 15, 2012


After the big April blogfest I lost my MOJO. I don't know how these things happen. All I know is you can be in love one day, out the next. Love seafood all your life then lose your taste for it.

Same unknown negative vibe happens and it takes your passion away. I haven't been able to write a thing since May. How did I get my MOJO back? I pushed myself to a writer's meeting last night. Yep, that is all it took.

Lesson learned.

Surround yourself with positive people that share your particular passion and that are willing to encourage and inspire, Blam, zap, are on the road again.

Want romance find people that still believe in it. Want to knit...look up friends that knit. Want to get into swimming, duh....go to a pool someone will help you to swim.

How do you get your groove back? What motivates your MOJO?


  1. I am glad to see you back! And thanks for your comment on my post, I really appreciate that you came by to visit :) And this post is brilliant, exactly why I spend time on social media interacting with writers and book people.

  2. I was trilled to see your comment this morning, so happy to have you back! I hope that you enjoyed some time off, taking a break is also part of retaining healthy energy. I think that a writer's group, or any supportive network, is the catalyst for motivation. I'm glad that you found your way back! Hope to be in touch. Lots of love!

  3. Glad you found your mojo! Yes, surrounding yourself with inspirational people certainly helps, but so does taking a break. Glad you're back!

  4. What a beautiful reminder of the magic in connecting with kindred spirits! I'm glad you've found your mojo, Debra.

  5. How do you get and keep writing mojo - practice, practice, practice. You might set a goal of writing two blog pieces a day, one or two lines of whatever comes to mind, impressions etc. You might also make one item reflect a positive and one maybe a negative whatever. Let the muse flow.

  6. Hey Debra! It was so nice to hear from you :) I've missed you too!

    I lost my Mojo big time. I've been really bad at posting and when I do posts it's either just excuses for not posting or just little snippets here and there. I need to get back into it. Great that you went to a meeting, I bet that was helpful!

    Usually I spend time (hours and hours) on Pinterest. I always find pictures there that make me feel like writing. Maybe I should share some of them in some writing prompt posts sometime :)

    Take care :)

  7. I have to admit, I lost my mojo after April, too, but there was so much going on that month in my writing world that it just got overwhelming. The A-to-Z, staff at the writer's conference, etc. I've been really having to push it at times this summer to keep going. I'm so glad you're back, though! To get my mojo back, I go to a writer's meeting, just like you did. It really helps get me back in that mindset.

  8. Hi Debra!!!! Yay for finding your writerly mojo!! Wonderful!! Yes, I am all for surrounding myself with positive vibes when I hit a writerly brick wall! I tend to fluctuate wildly between profound insecurity and amazing highs when it comes to my writerly efforts. I don't really know how I dig myself out of such holes but I know all it takes is some laughter and good things happening to spur me onwards! Take care

  9. Debra, you did the right thing by reaching out to your friends. Boy do I know that feeling of losing my mojo. It is a struggle I face often. But facing it with friends makes reminds you we are all in this together, and that none of us achieves our goals alone. Let me know if I can help you with some writing sprints. Thanks for your comments.

    I'm in the middle of my father passing, and welcoming a new grandbaby (#4). DD went to the hospital this morning!

  10. I know the feeling. Glad you got some of that old drive back. Lately I've been tempted to bag it all up and move on to other pastures, but I've persisted because nothing has stepped in to take its place. And besides, my love for writing is still there and the desire to make something happen keeps me half-way motivated.

    Keep at it ma'am. You've got the talent and just gotta keep pushing onward. But take a break when you need to. It's okay to rest now and then. Your support system of other like-minded people is a big plus too.

    Tossing It Out

  11. True, so wonderful how humans have the power to influence each other in so many ways


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