Friday, April 20, 2012


As a rule there are three things you don't discuss, politics, religion and race. This blog has broken all three rules. I wish I could apologize for bringing up the taboo subjects but I can't. You see it was liberating to write about subjects that just may make someone think differently, become a tad bit more tolerant of others or agree to disagree without getting upset.I wanted you to read a different perspective whether you agreed with it or not.

Different is good. Sometimes you changed my way of thinking. That is what good conversations's an exchange to get you thinking and learning. This would be a dull world if everyone looked and thought alike. Wouldn't it?

Yes, some of you were thirsty and drank from the refreshing well of intelligent conversation. More people chose to read but not comment and that's fine. Commenting exposes yourself for better or worse and I know that is intimidating. No one knows that better than me. After all I am a writer and whatever I write I reveal a little bit of myself to perfect strangers.

I loved it when Sen. McCain said to be respectful of his opponent the then Senator Obama in the 2008 race. It was the finest moment of the campaign. I wish to say the same to you all and hope you spread the word. Regardless of who wins, that person will be our leader. We need to respect them just for running. I know I couldn't do it. Could you?

We as Americans can not allow bad mouthing or racial/religious slurs about our President be he black or white or Mormon. It shows ignorance, bad sportsmanship, and its downright unpatriotic. Let us be respectful of our next President and the two competitors.

Now Get ready to VOTE!

This unpaid political moment was brought to you by PEACE. Try it!


  1. First today:
    The word respect conjour up many things. I was brought up to respect other people's feelings.
    Before you can respect anyone else you have to respect yourself.

    Most enjoyable post Debra.
    Have a good week-end.

  2. Respect is very important. And I agree with the above commenter: You have to respect yourself before you can respect anyone else. I wish more parents would teach that to their children!

  3. By the way, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. I know you're busy with the A-Z challenge, but if you'd like it and want to do it later, it's at my Mama Diaries blog.

  4. I appreciate this well of intelligent conversations. I think speaking up without intimidation is always necessary but, as the other readers have said, not until you've found respect for yourself.

    Have a lovely weekend, Debra!

  5. Very good post my friend. It seems people forget the end game when it comes to voting for President. Eventually we have to live four years with that person. Your post reminds me of my status on Facebook:
    I challenge you today to find one good thing about the person who is irritating the hell out of you, the one that is all in your face, the one who makes you feel racIst bIas thoughts, and the one who won't agree to agree with you. If we change our way of thinking we change the world's way of thinking. And yes, you can share this. Just lovin' life this week.

  6. I can't argue with you on this one Debra. I believe our politicians should live up to the values we teach our children, including treating others with respect. I sometimes wonder that politicians and their supporters who resort to name-calling and character attacks are in a way revealing they don't believe in the strength of their own positions. They seem to lack the confidence to allow the discussion to stay on the merits.

  7. Respect - great R post. I'm hoping we get four more years with President Obama, but it not, I'll support the new guy.

  8. I have a Liebster blog award for you if you'd like to accept it!(I know you have one already, but perhaps you'd like to pass it on.) Thank you for following! Here's the link Flash Fiction Liebster Blog Award

  9. Well said. Sometimes elections all over the world seem to be too short on respect - voters respect for the candidates and candidates respect for the voters.

  10. I love your truths and advise!! A I glance through your other posts, I must remember "I'm so sorry you feel that way"...just love that one. Negative people really get to me.
    I'm visiting on the A to Z challenge. Great word choices!!
    Mine are all photo essays.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  11. Yvonne- you are right you must respect yourself first
    Sherry- thanks I will check it out after the A-Z
    Archna- I am blessed by you and all that stop by with an opinion
    NANCY-That is a powerful challenge, Any takers?
    Gary- it seems politicians can't focus on real problems
    Lynn- I'm with you respect whomever is our leader
    Li- big thanks to you. I hope I'll have over 200 followers so I want be eligible to accept it. LOL
    Chris- respect is contagious. Hope it catch on!
    Kathy- thanks for visiting and I love your pictures

    Thanks to everyone. I'm a few days late had toe surgery Friday but I'm baak and catching up.