Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Love New York

I know it's a cliche but I do love New York. The first time I exited the hotel through their revolving doors and found myself on the street side of New York I fell in step with the myriads of people and never felt more at home.

It's the perfect place for those of us that rely on keen senses and people watching to inspire our writing. The city is filled with drama, character, action, lights, plots and whatever your imagination conjures up. There is a story a minute in New York and I want to tell all of them.

As a writer what places would you like to visit or have visited that got your creative juices to flowing? Any trips led to publication? If you could have a writing studio anywhere in the world where would it be and why?


  1. Is New York really as busy and exciting as it appears on TV and in films? I'd love to visit! (and maybe will, next time I visit the US)

    Mind you, I expect people might say something similar about London and though I worked there for some years, mostly it was just busy, busy, busy - stepping out of the tube station and getting my head down with all the other lemmings as I walked quickly (you CAN'T stop or they'll mow you down!) through the financial district. Strangely, on the occasions when I had to go in on a Saturday (I worked for the Financial Times) it felt like one of those apocolypse movies where the streets are empty of life - very weird and surprisingly unnerving!

    Some of those recollections have led to snippets of flash fiction and other longer pieces - all the memories are stored away regarding the sight, sounds, smells, etc. - useful fodder for a believable tale!

    My 'fantasy' writing studio would be somewhere remote that had had good views - so that breaks from the keyboard would be something of a feast for the soul. Then again - I'd probably spend too much time admiring the view and not enough time writing!

    BTW - thank you for dropping by my blog earlier, and also for your kind comments! Happy A-Z'ing!

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!

  2. My first thought wild be some picturesque locale like Tuscany (because I like the name and movie), but in reality I would like to sit against a wall in a childcare center and watch the antics of two year olds. It's the perfect age independence and dependence are at war, inquisitiveness and assured belief are in their every step and they love and hate at a whim without discrimination. Each One like a seperate entire world wrapped in their own peeding ball of frustrated energy and runnIng from one end of the spectrum of emotIons to another. My mInd woukd be wIred . Each One a book on their own.

  3. I must say that I agree with you, when I went to New York it felt very familiar and easy to get around. I would love to have a place that was near the sea, I would have a view of the mountains in the distant while I look onto my flower filled garden. The caribbean has also been inspiring to my creativity. Blessings Amanda

  4. Haven't been to New York but would love to visit one day soon. I love to visit Paris and sit and people watch and walk where some of my favourite writers walked - Hemingway, Joyce et al. Great inspiration.


  5. Oh yes, I love NY too! Hubby proposed to me there on top of the empire state building. I agree with Denise above me too... Paris is very inspirational... actually, anywhere in Europe is. I could sit in an outdoor cafe and write all day!! And in NY i could just hang out in the subway stations and be inspired.

  6. I don't like cities very much, they sap my energy. I'm more the go out into the bush or desert kind of person. I love the fresh air, space and peace - and the skies are magnificent - the depth of colour at night is amazing.

    Sue: An A-Z of Climate Matters

  7. Although I am not a write, I share your love for New York. My visit there is unforgettable! I am visiting from the A-Z blog challenge.

  8. I've never been to NYC, but have always wanted to go.

  9. Sue- views are nice but yes they can take you away from work
    Nancy- You do love kids & I know Jett has given you tons to write
    Amanda- Jamaica is soo beautiful but who would want to write?
    Denise- ooh la la oui oui I would love to write in Paris
    Pk- wow proposed to in NY. Awesome and yes anywhere in Europe
    Sue- go to Scottsdale AZ. that would send you to writing heaven
    Marcie-thanks for the visit and yes NY is amazing
    Jessica-Go Jess, go there. What are you waitng for.

  10. I visited New York City as a kid but I did't appreciate it or understand what I was seeing. I would love to visit New York City today and take in all the sights.

  11. I still have not been to New York. I've only ever gazed at it from across the bay while waiting for a plane at Newark Airport. Doesn't quite count does it?

    And I just took my dream vacation in the UK, following the footsteps of my novel's main character through Wales.

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  13. I love the city too! It's wonderful.

    Sonia Lal, A to Z challenge

  14. I was born and raised in NY, but never felt at home there. My creative juices got flowing in Ireland, near Blarney Castle.

  15. Hi Debra! I'm a native New Yorker so your post brings to me a few memories of the Big Apple. I haven't been in a while and when I do visit, I know I'll feel like a tourist. The hustle and bustle in NY doesn't compare to any other place I've visited. And I agree with you, there are lots of story lines and plots going on in NY at any given minute.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I saw your comment today and responded.

  16. I took a trip to England and Scotland as a teenager and it so captured my imagination. We're going to England/Wales this fall and I hope it will so again.

  17. I was in New York briefly because my flight landed there, but never explored the city.
    I think New Orleans would be a great place for writing.

  18. I HAD to follow you, after seeing the name of your blog. When I was a teenager and dinosaurs roamed the earth, I had a CB radio and used to talk to my boyfriend, my first love, my HUNK O BURNING LUV, on that CB. His handle was Dream Weaver... and boy was he dreamy...
    So you see? I had to follow!

  19. Gregg- you would love it! Go my friend go!
    LG- Wales, wow not bad for a place of inspiration
    running- will do thanks for the visit
    Sonia- I am so hooked on this place, It sets you on fire
    Karen-Alas I guess it's not for everyone but I'm a NY girl via Tx
    Gary- NY makes you feel brand new just like Alicia Keys sing
    Melissa- I know the UK will capture my romantic side enjoy!
    Diane- Yes NO also gets your creative juices flowing
    Cathy- I had a CB love also & I loved the song Dream Weaver so we are soul sisters!

    Thanks guys for stopping by. I'll post about my adventures in the city that never sleeps after the A-Z.

  20. Geneva for sure!!! It is sooo awesome!!!