Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mother of Millions

I knew about the other woman in my dad's life as far back as elementary school. He was devoted to her. He visited with her every Tuesday evening and you could set your watch by the exact time he left home for the rendezvous.

All other evenings I would peek through the crack in his nearly closed bedroom door and here his whispering to her. I didn't understand their mysterious relationship back then. At father's funeral I spoke intimately of the long standing relationship between dad and the lady but I must admit I still didn't understand it.

Life comes at you fast and within a year of my father's death I found myself depressed and feeling alone. I missed him so it seems the world stopped for me and I wanted to get off.

This is how I came to fall in love with the woman my dad adored. She is known by many names but most know her as Mary, the mother of Jesus. I call her my" blessed mother" for whom I have learned will intercede for you in any cause. Her help is perpetual.

Through novenas and devotions to her, my life has been one of blessings and even miracles. In honor of her good works, I have her statue in front of my house, a picture of her exposed heart hang in my dining room and her "icon" watches over me as I sleep.

Have you ever noticed a statue of her in someones yard? Have you seen a picture of her or her and Jesus in a person's home? Maybe you have spied a someone with a string of beads mumbling prayers to themselves. They are saying the rosaries, a prayer of intense love and devotion to her.

Know that if you've ever witnessed the above, something miraculous has happened in someones life. Have you ever heard of these things and often wondered what was going on?


  1. Love the sweet way you introduced your dad's special friend ...

    Happy A to Z.

  2. Your father sounds like he found peace and fulfillment with his devotion to Mary.

    My auntie is a devout catholic and always has her rosary with her!

    Take care

  3. This is lovely, Debra. I know of Mother Mary through my mother-in-law, who is at rest now also. Her name was also Mary(anne). Our third son has nick-named our baby, 'Mary-cherry'. Hopefully, it all fits in together.

    I love the way that you shared your father's devotion here. How beautiful it is to see that you have found love for her yourself.

    ps~~I've been pretty sick and out of the loop for a while. I'm trying to catch up and carry on with the challenge. :)

  4. Alison- thanks so much for the visit
    Miss Kitty- thanks for popping in. I too am a rosary carrier
    Archna- I've been concerned you haven't been around. I hope you are better take your time and start where you left off. Remember its suppose to be fun!

  5. So beautifully written.
    I'm a Muslim and our name for Mother Mary is 'Syeda Mariam' (Lady Mariam). She is also an important person in our religion- a pious woman who went through circumstances that only incredible strength of faith can help you get through.

  6. Wonderfully written Debra, it's reading such words I miss my own morher,

    Have a peaceful Sunday,

  7. Jnana- thank you for sharing that with me I didn't know. How beutiful the mother of God is recognized all over the world.

    Yvonne- take heart Yvonne, as I grow older I look in the mirror and there stand my mother. Yes, I have somehow morphed into her not only looks but everything else that is her.

  8. That was incredibly written! Touching and heart warming. I was in a house recently with Mary in stained glass on one window, which was quite stunning.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  9. Shannon-thanks for all your kind visits you are so upbeat

  10. Your memory of your father is a moving one. Thank you for sharing.
    A to Z of Nostalgia

  11. My Grandmother's name was Mary, and she adored Mary, Jesus' mother. She had lots of statues and rosaries all over her home. The interesting thing, was that she died on August 15th, feast of the Assumption of Mary.

  12. This makes me think of a beautiful Christmas song about Mary that I like, called "Mary's Lullaby."

  13. Rsalind- thank you for visiting
    SherryE-that is so beautiful, your g-mtr is now a beautiful angel
    KarenG-I know that song, its beautiful like you !