Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Statue of Liberty

I took sneak peeks of her through the ferry window. I've always been resentful of her and what she symbolized to others. She held no promise for me or my ancestors so visiting her caused me anxiety but hey who goes to New York without seeing the statue, right.

For the majority of Americans the statue represents freedoms, rights and privileges. For me it left the taste of disenfranchisement in my mouth. Immigrants fled to this country from bondage to freedom. Africans came kidnapped from freedom forced into bondage. Immigrants waved and cheered their journey's end from the decks while my people were packed liked sardines in the belly of slave ships.

The ferry ride was gray and cold & the water rough. I faked a smile while my stomach churned and my imagination ran wild with snippets of scenes from the television drama "Roots" running through my mind. It was awful. I walked around her twice without really looking at her. Then I faced the statue. Head tilted back tears welling up. I was shocked by the emotions I felt.

Back home and less emotional I thought about my feelings and how selfish I was to disregard the statue and all the people that deserved to be in awe and pay homage to her. Many people have been in bondage. We blacks don't have the monopoly on that. Moses led his people from Egypt, Jews were enslaved by monsters, Native Americans were victimized in their own country. What right did I have to feel entitled to such self pity?

The one commonality that we all share is that we have had to fight for our freedom every day. September 11th taught me that. September 12th showed me our biggest commonality is that we are Americans and we are one no matter our petty daily problems amongst ourselves. So the Statue of Liberty is inclusive, a reminder of the price all of us must pay for freedom.

Blessings to all that have come, fought and won their freedom in this great land, America. I am and have always been proud to be an American. I now have pride in the Statue of Liberty and feel inclusive to her claims. God bless America! God bless each and every country on this planet!

Is there any person or people you resent? If so face it, give it to God, let it go, forgive yourself and others. Revel in the peace doing this one thing brings. On this day be healed and feel the pride of being not just an American but a citizen of the world.


  1. Great post. Sometimes the acceptance, and forgiveness takes a lot of work, but isnt unsurmountable.