Thursday, April 19, 2012


Movies such as "2012," "The Road," and "Legions" lead you to believe that maybe our time on earth is about to come to an end. It ponders the question," is art imitating life or life imitating art?"
With global warming and natural disasters such as hurricanes, earth quakes, tornadoes and tsunamis, one can certainly have reason to think that old mother earth has had enough of us.

What about societal problems? Obsessions with deviant sexual behavior like rape, women and children being sold into sex slavery, and the gigantic molestation cover up spanning decades and involving thousands of young boys by Catholic priest shows just how messed up we have become. Maybe we have finally angered God for the last time.

Let us not even delve into global turmoil involving wars and all that implies. It is true when the time comes and we all know that it will, there is nothing that can be done about it. But until that time comes.......

I strongly prescribe to the message that each one of us can do our part to relieve suffering in this world and be kinder to our environment. I will pick up litter just because I get tired of seeing it. No it won't get me the Nobel prize but suppose we all did it. Maybe if we would go a step further by teaching young people that littering is wrong we can make a difference.

Suppose we pressured governments across the globe to launch an all out war against pornography we can protect the innocence of our children and bring renewed respect for women. Wouldn't that be worth fighting for? I talk to young men about how the women in those smut shows are raped, drugged and sometimes tortured into a performance. I remind them that they are some one's child, sister, mother and or friend.

Maybe I have become foolish in my golden years to care so much about our world. Maybe I am afraid to die and leave my daughter in such a place. Maybe I am too sentimental to think others may be as fed up as I am and willing to do a small bit to change things.

Are you fed up with how things are going with our planet and its people? Do you have the courage to speak out against pornography, litter or anything that would hurt us as humans and care takers of this planet?

Question the wrongs you see. Send an email, write a letter, make a phone call, form a group, blog about it, start a petition. We still have the power to change things, one person at a time.


  1. I agree--it is up to us to relieve the suffering in the world. I do think it's interesting, each generation feels the world is getting worse and worse...however, I think it's stayed the same. The world just spotlights different things. Human nature never changes.

  2. I love this attitude, Debra. It's too easy to get bogged down by the immensity of it all, to believe we're too small to make a difference, that we're insignificant--and therefore irrelevant. And we *are*--if we allow it. Like--Churchill?--said, "the only thing that's needed for evil to triumph is for the good man to do nothing". We watch the news--hunger, war, abuse of power, corruption--and we shake our heads and change the channel. That's how it's gotten to where it is--because we *change the channel*.

    Thanks for sharing this, Debra, and I hope lots of people read it--and stop changing the channel :)

  3. It is disheartening to see these things happening but I believe they are consequences of the immorality of our society and rejection of God's laws. When we accept things that are not right, we open the doors to other things that were traditionally not accepted but now become debatable. Spiritual and moral entropy sets in and society declines. I think it is inevitable until a new enlightenment comes and a housecleaning ensues.

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  4. Ashley- you are right we focus on whatever the spot light is on
    Guilie- I am going to repeat this post we can start a revolution!
    Lee- It's almost how low can you go. We do need a good housecleaning.

  5. War and debauchery have always existed on this planet. It does not mean that they will prevail, this planet will carry on. I hope that, like yourself, others will find the courage to morally, spiritually, and physically support our home. It provids so much and it really is a shame to see such neglect.

    My husband and I protested the Iraq War on the streets of our hometown and maybe our direct actions didn't effect much but our children were present and hold on to those days with much value. I think that there is a valid movement in spreading the idea of conscious action. Spiritually, we are free.

    Another beautiful and important post.(You will have to read/watch Howard Zinn, I love him for his passion for the people. :)