Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Peace Be With You

Why is peace so hard to obtain? What is it in our nature that predispose us to always be ready for confrontation or as the kids say drama?

Vampires and Werewolves are real creatures. They are inside of us. We can drain the life out of someone with our negativity. With sharpened fangs we can tear a person's life to shreds with gossip.

Want the antidote to what robs you from being at peace and becoming a person of peace?

Control your tongue!

It's a dangerous weapon. Your tongue should be heavy and slow to move until your words are chosen carefully.. You should listen twice as much as you speak. Don't speak ill of others are entertain ill thoughts. Even when you disagree, watch what you say. When someone says something ugly to me my answer is always..."I'm so sorry you feel that way." It disarms the negative person and lets them know how genuinely sorry I feel for them that they have to resort to negativity. And it lets them know that they are the one with the problem. Situation averted.

All wars are ultimately started with a tongue lashing. Family estrangements, divorces, broken friendships, yep, somebody said something that led to somebody doing something. I've looked in the mirror and bad mouthed my own reflection. How is that for tongue wagging.

To keep peace use that tongue to praise and forgive. Peace be with you!


  1. Great P word. Peace is such a lovely word a pity there can't be peace in the world.


  2. Hi there! Another wonderful message. A definite tool is to disarm the negativity. You're right, it's almost an invitation when you react to it.

    Thank you so much for checking up on me, I've finally caught up. My 'P' is for a passion for people and also for peace.

    I hope you are having a lovely week. Peace and blessings!

  3. Very very true!! I think many times, people just have thoughts and feelings inside them and the only way to achieve inner peace is to get the negative feelings and thoughts out of them. I am guilty of this on occasion and always hate myself afterward. There are healthier ways to do that. I always recommend people start a journal to vent their frustrations with the world :) I have several journals for different reasons....but one is a catch all for all my feelings, good and bad!

    Have a great day!

  4. i have a very hard time controlling my tongue, mostly at home. i need peace, but i'm so high strung!

  5. Sometimes my tongue has a life of its own. It twitches inside my mouth ready to strike out ans just emit some biting comment. Thank God I am older now and have control of it. Who cares that the tip has been bitten off. At least now that poisionest (?) piece has been removed and all that remains is caution.