Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm not talking sex here. I'm thinking pleasures of the senses that we all need to keep the blush on our cheeks. The glide in our stride. The twinkle in our eyes. Here are my favorite juicy pleasures no particular order.

1. Jacuzzi dipping topless with my oldest girlfriends. Hey we're allowed!
2. Lunch at Brennan's in Houston blending in with the monied class. I have no money but that's never stopped me.
3. Letting my husband shampoo my hair. Now that's sensual.
4. Staying in pajamas all day when its raining. Mmmmm nice.
5. Cutting off the heat on a cold night and wrapping up in my electric blanket. Ooooh toasty! Wearing nothing but a smile under that blanket. Toastier!!!
6. Nothing taste as good as getting a massage feel. Yes by a male, preferably hunky. I'm married not dead.
7. Staring at a fireplace for hours sipping tea and thinking. O.K. napping in front of a fireplace and dreaming.
8. Staring at an ocean for hours drinking martinis. Alright too many martinis, nodding off, ocean watching me for hours.
9. Watching cartoons on Saturday morning. Ssssh!
10. Caviar & Stilton cheese on thin wheat crackers washed down with Hawaiian Punch. Oh yeah.
Now what's your juicy little pleasures? C'mon I know you have them.


  1. Sitting outside, sun drenched, so warm and drowsy, listening to the birds, the breeze. Mmmm, lovely.

    I love it when hubby shampoos my hair. Loved your list!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  2. Sweet post! Dreaming infront of the fireplace sounds so lovely!

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  3. My husband frosted my hair once. That was a long time ago!
    Debra, you're a wild woman! :) I love fireplaces, listening to birds, watching the wind blow and sipping thick, rich eggnog with nothing in it. Yeah, I like to keep my head on straight!

  4. I also love fireplaces! I also love Pyjama days! Put the two together and add a thunderstorm outside (whilst it's cozy inside) and I'm in juicy heaven!

  5. Watching Pikes Peak from our deck in any season, easier now that Spring has arrived in the Rockies, almost. Sitting in my sauna (a special gift for my birthday) listening to music and enjoying being with my husband. And Debra. . .you have given me some great ideas.

  6. Loved the list and just add a little glass of bubbly and oh yeah

  7. Getting into my PJs after a shower and settling down to watch TV and drink tea til I get sleepy :) And reading. And going out to get lunch in the middle of the work day. And browsing in charity shops and coming home with a great find. Oh, too many to name!

  8. Eating breakfast in bed on Sundays, wrapped in blankets with the light shining through the window. :)

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

  9. Toasted cheese sandwiches with so much Velveeta that it oozes out of the bread...don't tell anyone. :D

  10. Shannon- I'm there with you but we need a porch swing too
    Niki- I hope I didn't scre you with what old women do. LOL
    Jess- not wild just free. Old hippies never die!
    Catherine - I forgot about the thunderstorm. We must add that.
    L.O.W.- you've given me one also. Sauna!
    G.G. - oh yes the bubbly! I'm there
    Ellen- check, check, check, check and check check!
    G.E.- A definite yes!
    L- Whats commented on the blog stays on the blog!

    Thanks to all of you for sharing you pleasures!

  11. #4 and #7 are my favorites. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following

  12. Ah***several of those would have made my list too.
    I guess I'd have to add getting muddy and playing in my flower garden.
    Or, like today, finding a new nursery and buying 12 new heirloom tomato plants. Now, don't ask me what I'll be doing with all those tomatoes!!!

    At least it's a healthy addiction.

  13. Definitely 4, 7 and 8! Loved the post.