Monday, April 16, 2012

Non-Religion VS. Religion

The subject on a friend's blog is religion. I was taken back by how many people commented that they found their creative voices after they parted ways with structured religion. The opposite holds true for me. I find myself at a creative peak after mass.

I am devoutly Catholic and love the mystery of my faith. I find peace and solace when I attend mass. Mass serves to clear out all my brain chatter especially the negativity. Participating in the Eucharist affords me the opportunity to commune with Jesus without interruptions. That definitely helps me to clarify and separate that which is positive creative energy.

Having said that, I do not believe going to church is the sole gateway to our inner workings, spiritual or creatively. I believe other religions and non religions contain their own sacred mysteries and therefore should be treated with reverence. Faith and what drives us to use our gifts and talents should not be tied to a structure. Inspiration doesn't always come through religious affiliation.

Where does your inspiration come from? What gets your creative juices to flow? Does religion or spirituality help you in your writing?


  1. I've never been a religious person, so the only way religion or spirituality influences my writing is when I write a religious character. But as you say, you can find inspiration anywhere, and that's where I find it. In a quaint scene, a line of dialogue, a fleeting idea, a look from a stranger. I may not believe God is all around us, but I believe inspiration is.

  2. Nate great point and I respect your honesty. It is great you are so in tune to that which inspires you. Thanks for the visit.

  3. I have a strong belief in God and his son and always have. I need that in my life and that's my choice. I also recognize not everyone has that and that's their choice. I do get inspiration and a feeling of peace, by looking at the nuances of the created world.

    It rarely find its way into my writing. But I do have some story ideas based times and situations from the bible. Maybe one of these days I'll write about them.

    I've always had a fascination for myths and the societies built around those myths. The lengths they go to appease those deities. It makes me glad I'm not pagan. :-)


  4. Hi, Debra,
    I find that religion comes through somewhere in my writing. I don't preach, but my characters do state their beliefs.

    I'm Catholic as well, so I understand the importance of the Eucharist and never miss Mass if I can help it.

  5. For me, inspiration can come from anywhere, I only try to keep an open mind to let it in.

  6. Great post. I find inspiration in just about everything. Jesus mostly, but I am especially inspired after I run, or have good music on. I have been listening to one song over and over while writing my latest short novel.

  7. Personally I need to have a structured religion for me to adopt in order to stay spiritual, but I realize that's not the way it works for everyone though.

  8. I guess religion comes into my writing to some extent, not because I focus on putting it in but because my characters do. interesting post.

  9. Sia- It's wonderful to recognize the peace the created world bring
    JL- you are my kind of girl one day we worship together maybe
    As A Writer- I love people with open minds to let creativeness in
    running- so true with the song. I do get inspiration from music
    Jnana- I'm with you some of us need structure others may not I do
    Clarissa- Yes those characters have a mind of their own

    Thanks everyone for visiting. Great and interesting conversations!

  10. The inspiration varies for me. For most of my fiction writing I am inspired by God and the Bible. For my blog writing I get the same inspiration sometimes but at other times my inspiration can come from different sources.

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  11. While writing I've been inspired by mythology more than once. We keep 'the books', the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Quran, etc. around our house for awaking and inspiration. There is much clarity and creativity through inner-peace.